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Monday, January 26, 2015

Data Entry payments issues

To all users of lookandearn or,

Hi, are you still getting your payments on time? My Brother and I been troubled waiting for our request for almost 6 months now. Hope that anyone could share tips or suggestions on this? Data entry job is not that easy, we deserve to get our payments on time.

Thank you for sharing your info in this page.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking for a better income?


Anyone had found out a better way to earn through Internet? We've heard a lot of sources online but only few are legit. How do we know if a site is genuine or not? There are so many ways to look into. If you are currently engaged in any job online are you willing to share it here?

Toneaday and Mylot are both legit sites but no longer paying nowadays. If any site can provide the same earnings it would help much.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Doha, Qatar

This place is small but full of memories and stories especially for a stranger that started to love not only the place but also the creatures within. From the Sealine to Corniche to Doha Airport, you will for sure would love to roam around and discover its inner beauty.There is the Villagio Mall that suit case your strolling and shopping spree kind.To add the Venice type scenery in this mall no one will say "I won't come back here anymore". Few kilometers away, the Torch, it looks like a real torch with the fire on top of it.Yes, it is a building for business purpose.The heavy traffic in this city, Doha, cannot stop ones eagerness to go to other neighboring places just to feel the atmosphere of being together as a group or flock of friends.The ambulance and police officers are always ready whenever there is a call. The best thing in here is the peacefulness.  People come here for different purposes but seems everyone has its own business as a worker or a company owner.That is why this place is rich and healthy because people in here have the peace in mind and good heart.

If you are a company owner would you love to put business in here? Try to see the factors how this place could be of great potential for your purpose.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

JSS to Profitclicking how to cash out?

Recently, just got my withdrawal request from Profitclicking. Not much amount of money but a real cash out of simple task makes anyone happy. Unlike before, the new site wasn't able to pay me after 10 days from request date. At first, I thought it wouldn't be realized anymore but finally had the tangible cash dated 05 oCTOBER 2012. .Hey, hey, it's time to celebrate.

How to withdraw your Profitclicking income? The  steps are easier now. Just hit the wallet button and go to Payment processors page (be sure it's already linked to your account and done the activation). Minimum balance for payout $20. Make a request for a withdrawal then  wait for 10 days and have your cash on hand. Good Luck!!! Ready to give a try with Profitclicking? Start free here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yours is a life with everything and yet you seem unhappy still. Surrounded by beautiful things as the sun shines and get dawned but you see only darkness. The Day and Night comes shift in each cycle but for you the world is empty. Didn’t you ever try to see around for warm arms wanting to hug you to give comfort and ease? The air you breathe is such a magic that no one could ever give but only He the Creature of the universe. Didn’t you ever wonder? Why are there lights up in the sky? Isn’t it life is wonderful? Hear the birds singing…feel the soft wind touch. Listen to the beautiful nature’s voice. Take a glance with pretty mountains and gardens. Life is meaningful and yet so mysterious so try not to be bored. Come lift, raise up together we will explore and befriend with nature.

For you my friend,
Love lots from Doha, Qatar

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Justbeenpaid had gone scam?

Hello everybody!

Our JBP or JSS or JUSTBEENPAID home site has just been recently move to a much better place see here. Few people out there are still skeptic of this making money strategy. Yes, they are right. Before you join to any online making money, it is strongly advised that you have enough trust and confidence with the site. Now, I am speaking based on my experience with JUSTBEENPAID, I honestly started with zero and before I got my first payout it is a must to fund my account processor LR or Liberty Reserve and move it to my Justbeenpaid account (this is to build up the authority of moving  funds into from LR to JSS and vice versa. Friends believe it or not I spent $0.20 as starting in JSS, so far I had able to withdraw almost 500 $ profit. I am sharing to you my experience to express how happy I am to welcome the new home site of JSS the it is up to each of us to know more and earn more from this new exciting site of JSS.

Good Luck!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Be a member and get dollars everyday

This is a brand new website that pays its members instant.  The easiest job that accept international registrants worldwide. You as a member will only require to stay on the website at least 15mins then right after that the member/s will be automatically credited its account.

I tried to be paid everyday every time   I opened my account and stay 15mins then instantly I could get the voucher send to email then go to the website and choose to enter the given voucher for a payment to Liberty Reserve. That will be an instant payout if you choose the enter voucher to Liberty Reserve. Other way, you can enter the voucher to the balance and get the amount to your account balance.

Note: To earn from this program, you just stay on the website for at least 15mins.For additional income you can send invitation to your friends and relatives to earn for the affiliate commission.

Get instant bonus right after you register then activate your account.Start here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alertpay is now a Scammer, how true?

Early morning at 6th June 2012, while I am browsing the net my focus has been captured by this article stating that Alertpay or Payza is now a scam.The Alertpay /Payza CEO according to this publish story has been sued in court for stealing the 900,000CAD transfer of one user.To read the article check here.

How true is this? For three years I have no doubt with Alertpay/Payza. I receive and send money from and to Alertpay/Payza in a smooth manner.In some of my online earnings I preferred to use Alertpay/Payza.Now that it has an issue I am beginning to feel unsafe to continue to use their services. Let us hear the next proceedings to get a clearer view of this issue.

Here is another set of complaints to Alertpay/Payza.
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